Academic Editing, Copyediting & Proofreading

Miscellaneous Services

Manuscript Formatting

Some academic publishers require you to send them your finished manuscript with very specific formatting. For example: “First level headings must be 16pt, 12 pt after, 16pt before, boldface. Page numbers must be lower right corner, 12pt roman. Text font must be serif such as Times, Garamond, Georgia.”

For someone unfamiliar with manuscript formatting in Word, or even if you are familiar with such formatting, doing this formatting can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. If provided with the publisher’s formatting instructions, I can easily format your manuscript for you.

Non-subject Indexing

At this time I do not offer subject indexing. But I can save you time by doing simple indexes of modern authors cited, ancient authors, primary sources, and similar items. I will require index length restrictions and formatting instructions from the publisher.


Have you made factual statements in your manuscript that you’re unsure about? Are you unsure of the wording of a quote or its attribution? I’ll check these and similar issues for you to save you time. This is especially useful for authors of trade books.


My doctoral studies have given me excellent online and library research skills, and I have access to a major academic research library and two seminary libraries. If you need assistance with researching your trade book, feel free to contact me.

I will not do your research for an academic book except for helping you to find potential hardcopy and online resources. Additionally I will not help you research your thesis or dissertation.