Academic Editing, Copyediting & Proofreading


The Process

After you’ve initially contacted me, I’ll ask for the complete manuscript and an approximate word count, do a quick overview, and then quote you a rate (all rates are based on 250 words per initial manuscript page). You may request a sample edit first.

Please note that I do not edit on paper. All manuscript files must be sent to me as Microsoft Word files in docx, doc, or rtf format. If at all possible, I prefer you use Word 2010 or later for PC.

I will gladly communicate with you by phone on rare occasion. But the absolute majority of our communication must be by email, which allows for a permanent written record of our discussions.

I Do Not

  • I do not edit fiction or poetry.
  • Also I don’t edit academic manuscripts that make intensive use of philosophy, critical theory, or linguistics. I don’t have the requisite knowledge for such editorial work.
  • I’ll gladly refer you to an editor in any of these areas.
  • I don’t do rush jobs of any sort. Exceptions: If your needs change, once I’m approximately one-third of the way into the manuscript, I will charge a rush fee to complete the project. I will also do rush jobs on manuscripts of twenty pages or less with a three-day maximum turnaround.

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