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This Morning Routine Will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week

The following article is excellent advice on how to kickstart your day. Your first two or three hours at work are the most important so use them to concentrate on your most important task. http://This Morning Routine Will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week

The Three Dashes

Hyphen: Hotel check-in time is 3:00 p.m.En dash: Tonight's dinner is 6:00–8:30.Em dash: Barry hasn't seen the new Aquaman movie—yet. Three different lengths. Three different functions. — The Grammar Geek (@The_GrammarGeek) February 8,...

British Obscenities

Useful for some editors and fiction authors. Trigger warning: graphic obscenities.

Your editorial niche

Authors respect and appreciate editors and copyeditors more when they show knowledge in a particular subject category or editorial niche. Mine is biblical studies.


I struggle with the lay/lie distinction, and I’m an editor. But language changes and this distinction is disappearing. Even if I could remember it, but as John E. McIntyre says in this article, “I am increasingly sure that it is not a hill I care to die...